Thursday, November 6, 2008

Urho's Greedy Grasshopper

Saint Urho is the mythical patron saint of Finland. As legend has it, when giant grasshoppers threatened to destroy all the grape vines in Finland, it took a giant Saint Urho swinging a giant pitchfork to chase them off.

My parents grew up in a Finish town in Central Minnesota, and each year on the 16th of March the town celebrates Saint Urho's Day.

When my father's father bought a farm from one of the original Finish settlers of the area, the farm came with a grape vine. My grandfather took a cutting of the vine with him when he retired and left the farm. My father took a cutting from this new vine.

The wine from these grapes is highly drinkable. I am guessing they might be Concord grapes, as the wine tends to taste a bit like Welch's.

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