Monday, November 17, 2008

Letters From Readers

Aaron from Washington Heights writes:

Dear Ray,

Awright, I'm game, is it easy to make hard cider? Cuz I've heard it's hard
to make easy cider.

Washington Heights reader


Both, in fact, are true. Making hard cider is like making compost. It shouldn't be more work than you want to put into it. And once you know how the basics, the secret is just letting the little critters living in there do their thing.

I promise to publish posts on both hard cider and easy cider in the near future.

Another reader writes:
Dear Ray,

I just used to calculate the amount of liquors i will need at my
next party of 40 guests, for 10 hours with a 40-20-40 beer-wine-liquor ratio.
But it says that I only need 112 servings of beer, 56 servings of wine, and 112
servings of 750ml bottles of liquor, which seems a little low. Is this somehow
related to infusing bacon into vodka?


Dear Thirsty,

Yes, that's right.


ZoeTommyJaji said...

yo ray,


you know how it is,

Ray said... wasn’t built in a day. Or maybe it was. But that was four years ago.