Friday, November 7, 2008

Minnesota Vodka

Minnesota does not strike you or me as a global center for vodka. As if part of a secret plan, though, the epicenter of the vodka economy has moved closer and closer to home over the past ten years.

My personal vodka of choice is Shakers. I like a dirty Shakers martini. I believe it was Berger who introduced me to the dirty martini in the mid-90s. Thanks, Berger. I first heard of Shakers about five years ago as the vodka that was made with local wheat at the ethanol plant in Benson. So I tried the stuff in an effort to buy locally. And like I said it's become my favorite.

Now I just recently tried Prairie Organic Vodka from Phillips. It's made from certified organic #2 yellow corn. Like Shakers, it's distilled in Benson, MN (at the same plant? good question). It's good stuff, but so far I only drank it in Bloody Marys one morning and have not really given it a thoughtful tasting.

Phillips is not generally known as a high-end brand. For infusions I have been using Phillips Vodka 80. It's less than $7 a bottle and works every time. But Phillips did introduce us to Chopin and Belvedere, (did you know these were imported by a Minneapolis company?) and with the Prairie Organic they have earned a lot of respect.

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