Friday, November 7, 2008

Lemon Infused Vodka

Test Batch:
375 ml vodka
zest of three lemons
1 tsp sugar

It was Halloween when I went over to Zipp's Liquors to buy vodka for this experiment. The nice lady who helped me was wearing a "Got Milk?" t-shirt and had a milk moustache painted on her upper lip. A bit outdated, and I didn't get it when I first saw her behind the counter because I just saw the white upper lip and not the t-shirt. I wondered if this was some waxing procedure gone awry.

Her associate was a young man wearing a sexy nurse outfit. He looked like a genetic mashup of Kurt Cobain and Courtney love. Also outdated, but Halloween gruesome to be sure.

I mentioned the experiment and the nice lady told me that she and her husband had also tried lemon-infused vodka. She told me they had used too much pith (too much of the white art of the rind under the zest. Luckily my friend Rory gave me a great zester for my birthday and so this was no problem.

Telsche warned me against letting the lemon zest infuse for more than a week.

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