Monday, November 10, 2008

Letters from Readers

Occasionally we take time respond to a few of the many letters we receive from readers. Today's letters are from Pennsylvania and from Brooklyn.

Dear Ray,

Mmm. That is the most delish blog on the web. I hope you find ways to work pork and pork products into yer vodkablog. Cuz vodka and pork are essentially the food of the gods.

-Ego in Park Slope

Dear Ego,

I remember when I was in college there was a house that was rumored to have a bottle of "pork schnapps". I never actually saw it, and assume it was a homemade concoction that gained mythical status only because no one dared drink it and it stayed there on the cinder-block-and-stolen-lumber shelves.

Just for you, Ego, I plan to go to the grocery store this afternoon to buy some Nueske's bacon to make some bacon-infused vodka. I promise to share the results.

A friend recently suggested pastrami vodka. Too bad I can't find any REALLY GOOD pastrami in Minnesota. I believe Katz's has a slogan that says "Send a pastrama to your boy for good karma". I'm just sayin'.

Dear Ray,

We've got spirits. Yes, we do. We've got spirits. How 'bout you?

-Eamus in Pittsburgh

Dear Eamus,

I'll cut to the chase here: We've got more.


im sure thirsty said...

Dear Ray, I just used to calculate the amount of liquors i will need at my next party of 40 guests, for 10 hours with a 40-20-40 beer-wine-liquor ratio.

But it says that I only need 112 servings of beer, 56 servings of wine, and 112 servings of 750ml bottles of liquor, which seems a little low. Is this somehow related to infusing bacon into vodka? Thanks -thirsty

Ray said...

Yes, that's right.