Tuesday, November 30, 2010


1 part Ginger infused vodka
1 part Cinnamon infused vodka
1 part Caramel vodka
1 part Fennel infused vodka
1 part Mint infused vodka
1 part Lemon infused vodka
1 part Cola

As soon as you smell the fennel infused vodka you understand the potential. The other flavors add some nice depth. I am sure we could come up with additional flavors that would continue to improve matters. The cola is not entirely necessary but adds color and a bit of sweetness.

The first thing you will note when you try this stuff is that - well - it doesn't hurt. This maybe a disappointment if you appreciate the suffering that comes along with drinking Jag shot after Jag shot. I will concede that I experienced a moment of disappointment myself. But the combination of flavors soon left me wondering what all of that suffering was worth.

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